Top 10 Reasons Why I Should be Jason Calacanis’ Guest at Techcrunch 50

I was too late for Jason Calacanis’ previous contest for a free ticket to Techcrunch50 (“Which angel/expert/etc. would you most like to meet at Techcrunch50?“).

Luckily, Jason’s hosting another contest and the criteria this time is the blog post(s) with the best “Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Get a Free Ticket to Techcrunch50“.

I know Jason rewards creativity and hard work, so I’ve decided to combine BOTH contests into one.

Below are the Top 10 reasons I desperately want to go to Techcrunch50… AND the first letter of each word also spells out the people/companies I’d most like to meet at Techcrunch50.

Here Goes:

  1. Twitter Enthusiast & Co-Host Calacanis = Really Useful Networking Contact (Hopefully).
  2. “Mccabe” + Arrington Host Amazing Launch Opportunities!
  3. Online Mavens? Most Aren’t Living In Kentucky!
  4. Ascendant Nerds, Demos Ready… Everyone Else Sitting & Evaluating Noteworthiness.
  5. Skype-Chief’s Opinion Bullish? Lucky Entrepreneur If Zennstrom’s Excitement Resonates!
  6. Geeks Observing Other Geeks’ Latest Efforts!
  7. Mmmm… Yummy! Startup Presentations + A Competitive Environment!
  8. Just One Idea + Investors = Tremendous Opportunity!
  9. Take Wayne! I’ll Twitter The Experience Religiously.
  10. Scoble + Everybody Else?! Seriously, May I Come?

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